The Talking Trees

Die Sprechenden Bäume

Les Arbres Qui Parlent


The installation work The Talking Trees was first presented in response to the invitation to participate in the exhibition LandArt in Basel, Switzerland. It employs language, symbol and sound to evoke the theme of migration, the notion of home and the rich resource that is the result of the movement of culture and individual from context to context and place to place. Rooted in the artist’s richly mixed heritage and her own personal odyssey, The Talking Trees was conceived of as a traveling, site-specific sound installation work. It currently includes tales in 27 languages. Told in speakers’ mother tongues, and then in their adopted language, they share individual perspectives, diverse experience and a common humanity.

Le Petit Jardin, Paris, click here


A sound portrait of the Paris co-operative garden Clos Garcia, created by Elana Gutmann (MABP) and Ali Mafakheri (RELIEF) with the support of the Mayor’s Office of Paris and the members of Clos Garcia Association.


Elana Gutmann: The Work and Career of the Artist


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Make a Better Place Elana Gutmann co-founded MABP in 1994 and continues its work in the US and abroad as a curriculum consultant, speaker and artist-in-residence.

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